How Safe Are You in Cyberspace: Importance of Online Privacy


In our current time, the Internet has emerged into a necessity for several people from all walks of life. It is widely used in the area of communication, finance, education, and so many others. Therefore, living a day without it is as difficult as not watching television or using the cellular phone.

Ever since the Internet has come into the mainstream, there has been a lot of good and bad news surrounding its usage.

cyber-securityFor the good, people are now able to communicate with others worldwide. They likewise need not go to shops to buy items as they can simply process orders online with just a few clicks of their computer mouse or tablets.

However, its popularity has been exploited by many other advanced users. Often, the victims are those who are technically-challenged.

Therefore, it’s important that everyone takes some safety measures and makes oneself conscious about some possible risks brought by the Internet. Cybersecurity problems and solutions are the main trends now in IT sector.In order to give you a better picture of how the Internet puts users’ privacy on the line, take a look at the data provided by an independent research group:

  • 40% of respondents are more concerned about companies who collect and share their personal information with other companies
  • 38% likewise expresses concern about security threats to their personal data online.
  • 25% believes the government is monitoring their Internet activity.
  • 24% of respondents are likewise convinced that companies are tracking their Internet activity.
  • 21% of Internet users also dislike the possibility of social media sites using their activity details with advertising companies.

As a result of this research, more people have become more vigilant in their Internet usage and transactions.

  • 56% of the respondents have stopped clicking on online advertisements.
  • 53% chose to withhold providing their personal information when they were asked to.
  • 10% decided to delete or stop using their accounts online for security purposes.

Most of the respondents understand the need for some companies to monitor customer activities on their respective websites. However, they’re all calling for transparency on how their data are being used. A big population of the respondents is likewise urging the government to pass more legislation that would restrict businesses from enormously gathering customer details and activities on their websites.

Bottom line, it’s no longer sufficient to have an anti-virus installed on the computer or have the cache or cookies deleted every week or so. What’s needed is a good understanding of how the Internet works and how it may impact one’s privacy.

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