How Can You Give Yourself Protection in Cyberspace?


You are always susceptible to the cyber attacks as soon as you connect to the Internet. Hackers, stealers, spyware programmers, etc., can steal your personal data and information you provide to the websites and pages, your credit card and other bank details, passwords, and tax records, etc. They can even entirely disable and immobilize your system. You need to be extra beware when you are going to provide your passwords, and other personal data and information to the web sites. A great many websites are there that are scams and cheat on you by utilizing your personal data for their own hidden purposes. Follow the below tips to protect yourself in Cyberspace:

Set Strong and Smart Passwords

Always set passwords that are difficult to memorize. You can put special characters, symbols, numbers, capital letters, and employing characters more than six in number. It should be difficult enough for cracking by hackers. For instance, Dol3#$mM9 is a strong password.

Use Email Prudently

You are strictly advised to employ your email wisely. Email is one of the paramount ways to be connected to your family, friend, and colleagues. It is an essential tool to carry out your business too. You must install competent security software in your system. Even, this will not secure you altogether. Because it might be possible that your comrades to whom you are sharing your personal information with, by the means of email have no such security software installed in their system. Never send social security passwords, credit card details, and other personal information via email.

Be Wary! While Employing Instant Messaging Programs

If you employ an IM program to be in touch with comrades, avoid sending your personal data and information via online communications. You may protect yourself by creating a pet name for IM screen. In this way, your name will not be recognized by the means of IM. Do not accept unfamiliar persons into your IM programs and groups. At work, you need to be careful with respect to the use of IM as your employer may be able to see your messages.


Shop Safely

If you are shopping online, make sure that the website is real and not the scam. The website must employ secure technology. Check the Web address whether it starts with ‘https’. ‘Https’ indicates that the site is secure. A small padlock symbol should be visible at the bottom right of the page. The checkout screen should have the statement stating that the website is secure with the help of security or privacy technology vendor. See, whether the security technology exists by examining the security/privacy technology firm’s website.

Spy On the Phishing Scams

Phishing scams utilize fraudulent and fake emails and websites, camouflaged as genuine businesses. Whenever you receive any email from a company that involves a link to the page or website, make sure that the website is lawful and legitimate. Do not click the site inside the mail. Rather, see the company or business by opening a separate Web browser. Directly perform the essential actions on the website opened in the separate browser. You can further verify by calling the agency or business directly.

Carefree and Fun Online Gaming

Internet games are very popular nowadays. When communicating with the other participants and players, make sure you are safe. It can be done by making your security software functional when you are playing games.

Monitor on Your Child’s Online Activities

Place your home desktop or system in the community area in order to check on your children’s activities.  You can employ age-appropriate children’s software too. Restrict their time to use the Internet. Many a parental control software is available these days. You can install them in your system to keep an eye on children’s browsing. This will prevent them from reaching out the unwanted websites and sharing their personal data and information through online communication.

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